December 2020
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*Indoor Air Quality Mold Inspection and Testing*

We are ready to come to you to inspect, test, evaluate, and create a protocol for the most effective remediation plan for your mold problem. 

Using computerized, state of the art electronic equipment, we test for toxic gases, Carbon Dioxide levels, Oxygen levels, we read the microscopic dust levels and the relative humidity levels.  Both inside and outside air is tested so a comparison can be determined.

We also ask for our client to fill out our health survey and building history questionaire.

There is a thorough inspection of the outside of the building and related landscape. 

The inside is inspected from top to bottom as well. We are looking for signs of moisture/mold, defects in plumbing and appliances, roofing, insulation, exhaust fans, vapor barriers, HVAC function and filtering.

After gathering all the information and making the determination that there is a mold problem, we write a report of the findings, we analyze that information then we determine the most effective method for remediation of the mold.

If visible mold is located during the inspection, it is not necessary to sample for mold. If a lab report is desired, we will gather the required samples and send them to a lab for culturing and documentation. Lab sampling is usually done for legal documentation of a mold problem.  It adds substantial expense and is not necessary if there is already a visible mold growth in the building. 

*Dry Carpet Cleaning*

Research of carpet cleaning methods lead us to a very interesting method of cleaning carpeting. We knew that we did not want to use shampooing (wet cleaning methods) for obvious reasons. 

“Host” dry carpet cleaning is a method that has been recommended by the carpet manufacturing industry for over 40 years. The Host company conducted independent research of their cleaning system.  It revealed that their carpet cleaning system removed at up to 80 per cent of dust mites and mold spores. No other method can claim they remove any dust mites or mold spores. The biggest factor to consider is the carpet never gets wet with Host. Cleaning any kind of carpet is safe, and it cleans very effectively. The results are excellent.