August 2020
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Here are answers to frequently asked questions to help you decide if our treatment of mold neutralizing cleaner is right for you.

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  1. Is your cleaner safe to use in our home/building?
  2. Does your mold neutralizer make the mold disappear?
  3. How will our home/building smell after the treatment?
  4. Can you come and test our home/building for mold?
  5. How do you test for mold?
  6. What if I only have mold in one area?

Is your mold cleaner safe to use in our home/building?

Around People?  Yes our product is environmentally safe. Exposure to the vapors should be avoided. If there is any accidental eye contact with our solution during treatment, the eyes should be flushed with water. After the cleaner dries, there will be a thin film on all horizontal surfaces. A simple damp cleaning with water on the hard surfaces and floors can be done after the 24 hour settling period.

Around pets?   Exposure should be avoided, and pets must be removed for the treatment of the sick home/building. After the 24 hour settling period and the clean up your pets can come into the house and will be completely safe.

Around furniture? No damage of any kind is done to the furnishings. As a precaution we cover delicate items, fine finishes, leather, etc.

Around painted Surfaces?   There is no side effects on painted surfaces.

Around electronic equipment?    Computers, stereos, etc. show no malfunctions from our cleaner. We cover all electronics before treating the building. Afterwards they can be uncovered and are ready for use.

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Does your mold neutralizing cleaner make the mold disappear?

No. Our cleaning system is effective at neutralizing all of the exposed mold but the residue of visible mold will remain. We recommend that the  visible mold residue be cleaned off all surfaces for the appearance sake. Cleaning the visible mold will avoid any reaction from someone who is very sensitive to mold. Most of our customers who want the visible mold removed choose to do it themselves and save the cost of us doing it for them. After the treatment with the mold neutralizer, the mold has no smell or toxic gasses so it is very easy for you to do it yourself with soap and water.

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How will our home/building smell after the treatment?

After the treatment your home will have a clean fresh lite smell of citrus fruit which will dissipate within 3-7 days.

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Can you come out and test our home/building for mold?

Yes. We make house calls to test for mold.

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How do you test for mold?

We test with an array of computerized, electronic instruments to determine the presence of toxic gasses, changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide and quantities of microscopic dust. Tests are performed before and after to prove the effectiveness of the remediation.

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What if I only have mold in one area?

If there is mold in any area of the building it affects the whole building. Mold spores are not only growing on surfaces but are airborne as well. Mold gives off toxic gasses which means you have toxic gasses and mold throughout the building. Cleaning one room or area  within a moldy  building would not treat where the spores have dispersed. Treating the building as a whole would be the best way to ensure all the mold will be neutralized.

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